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A depth approach using futuristics.

Radical creativity combined with futuristics produces the right strategy. If you qualify we'll ask you to complete some online surveys, answer some important Avatar questions and then we'll figure out the best method to get your product or service "Way Ahead!"

Plus resources, programs and courses for the Do It Yourself crowd. (DIY)

After you have signed off on a plan we'll design the brand, build, write and launch the campaigns. Then manage and track them, split test results to get increasingly better results while ensuring brand and story cohesion. 

We'll design and turn on funnels, opportunities, pipelines and email sequences to generate the results we've identified you want and need from the strategy sessions.

Don't worry we'll hold your hand till you are ready to run the system.

Your existing contacts imported into a profundly brilliant behavior based CRM system, with all the geeky stuff done for you. DKIM, DNS, tracking pixels for Google, Facebook & Pinterest, set up, tested and turned on.

Two significant campaigns and automation sequences are included in the set up package

Landing page designed, free download, email automation sequences, pipeines amd workflows

Social listening, chatbots and clever sequnces designed and built with calender campaigns and opportunities.

How it Works

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We have DIY solutions for small operations and managed marketing solutions for larger creative businesses

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"Bloom Factor's brand building, storytelling and integrated platform tools allowed my booking rate to shoot through the roof. We more than tripled our income and went from 10-12 clients a week to over 40 during the 2020 Covid-19 Global Pandemic"

~ Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt.
Author, Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ranked #1 2021

“I express my sincerest thanks to Michael for working so tirelessly to advance the values and ideas of the IAJS. All of your hard work does not go unnoticed.” - Kiley Laughlin Davis, CA


Average $ Increase


Less Effort


Significant Projects


Business should be providing products or services in the transformationl, artistic, therapeutic or creative field

Business must be at least 12 months old and generating a revenue of over $25K a month for the managed marketing offer.

We have significant Do It Yourself (DIY) offers and programs for those below $25K a month, so don't be shy, register.

Don’t be limited, sow instead...

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